Magic Man XL
Michael Frisbee


Born in the “Carpet Capital of the World,” Dalton, Georgia, Michael lived and attended school.  It was there when Michael seen a magician perform at Varnell Elementary School.  The specific performance that sparked his fire for magic was called, “Candle through Arm.”  The magician asked for one of Michael’s fellow classmates to assist him on stage.  The magician showed an empty tube and a lit candle.  He asked his assistant to place her arm in the tube.  The magician then inserted the lit candle in one side of the tube and out the other side without harm to Michael’s classmate.  Crazy with intrigue, Michael asked his classmate how the trick worked.  Michael’s classmate responded, “I can’t tell you, it was MAGIC!”  With that response, Michael’s quest was set!  Michael began by checking out books from his school and community libraries.  He would search local stores and even when on vacation with his parents, would look for the novelty and magic shops.  At the age of 10, Michael’s parents helped Santa Clause to surprise him with a large magic kit by S.S. Adams Company.  The kit included, among other things, the “Spiked Coin”, “Sponge Rabbits”, “101 Magic Tricks” book and one of his favorites, “The Linking Rings.”  Michael would dabble and perform magic for his family and close friends until he reached high school.  Although magic was in his heart, Michael then dedicated his time to sports, serving his country in the United States Marine Corps, starting a family and attending college for an electrical education.  During this time, he would still study and show magic to his peers.  In his mid-thirties while working for a local electrical contractor, Fox Systems, Michael decided to turn his hobby into a part time business.  With help from family, friends and co-workers, Michael went Semi-Professional.  During this time, Michael performed magic for birthday parties, family reunions, polical campain gatherings and bussiness parties. He also started his work with balloon twisting! When the American economy took a downward turn, Michael had to hang up his magic suit to provide for his family.  Now with his obligations to his loved ones secured, Michael has dusted off his suit and is ready to perform again!!  Helping people forget their troubles for a moment and putting a smile on their face is his goal. 

On a side note, Michael did not find out how the “Candle though Arm” was performed until about five years ago!!

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